Maine Fall Foliage


Despite the strong Nor’easter winds and heavy rains that blew through our area these past few days, there are still plenty of leaves hanging on and enjoying the welcome sunshine after the storm. The local fall colors seem to be at their peak this weekend, and on a short visit to the Bangor Forest today, I came across this wonderful little view tucked away along the Kitteridge Road. I was drawn to the classic rock wall and how the backlit branches and leaves framed a natural window out into the field. When I made these two photographs, the sun was high overhead and shining down through the leaves, providing an canopy of intensely vibrant and quite remarkable colors.



Fall Colors


The wind is whipping pretty hard and the rain is coming down in sheets as I write this. I have yet to get out this year to really enjoy the changing fall colors, and by the time this storm blows through there might not even be any leaves left on the trees! Traditionally the colors should be peaking down on the coast this weekend, and my plan is to take a couple of runs down to Acadia over the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I am dipping back into the archives to share this image of Mount Katahdin from a year ago. I had a hard time truly conveying this scene with the camera… it was just above freezing as the top of Katahdin became bathed in soft early light. The fast-moving clouds that surrounded the peak also caught some of that light, creating a remarkable sight both around the mountain summit and in the foreground reflection. The grandeur of Baxter State Park and the mighty Katahdin was of course impressive, but in this scene I was especially drawn to the colorful carpeting of fallen leaves that seemed to stretch forever. Here’s hoping there are still some leaves left on the trees when I get down to Acadia National Park this weekend!