1-14-14 VoldemortDefinitely not a landscape photograph.

I was trawling through some of my oldest portable hard drives in search of original RAW files from a long-ago trip to Utah when I came across this. Made on April Fool’s Day, this was the moment Jack Robert Patterson arrived in our lives. Due to its graphic nature – that’s literally Jack’s first breath after a C-section – some people might find this photograph a little off-putting. Me, I absolutely love it!

When I stumbled on it again the other day, I couldn’t wait to show it to the now tween Jack. I figured he’d get a kick out of seeing himself right at the beginning, and after all, I doubt if there are many kids with portraits like this! When I unveiled the image to him, he got very serious in tone and expression, and then he uttered one word that made me chuckle… Voldemort!


My favorite Acadia hike


After a great lunch at EPI in Bar Harbor and a visit to the cannons on the harbor lawn, we drove the short distance to the top of Cadillac to begin the 2011 hiking season with a brief wander along what is probably my favorite hike in Acadia… the South Ridge of Cadillac Mountain.

Not knowing how wet the lower part of the trail would be at this time of year, we decided to park at the Blue Hill overlook and hop onto the top of the trail heading down toward Blackwoods. Greeted by a stiff breeze and bright sunshine, we only explored about a mile or so down the ridge before settling in behind some large rocks to get out of the wind and enjoy the view.

The terrain on the upper part of this trail is pretty easy to navigate and on a clear day like today offers some of the best views of Acadia that you can imagine. The Cranberry Islands off in the distance absolutely sparkled in the afternoon sun, and the striking glacial erratics strewn across the landscape kept me busy with the camera. I am making plans to come back to this trail when the sun isn’t yet up, and I also have some ideas bubbling for incorporating the available elements into night photography.

On the drive home we worked toward finishing the 870 page “Order of the Phoenix” and then jammyed up after dinner to watch the movie. When going to bed, Jack wanted to start reading “The Half-Blood Prince” right away, but we persuaded him that maybe we should take a short break from the Harry Potter series and read something else… phew!

All in all… a pretty good day 🙂

Harry Potter


We had two special guests for Halloween… Arry Pottah and his long lost brother. Twas nice to have the big man home from college for the weekend, and Jack loved that he and Sam went trick or treating together.

“Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”

J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets