Goblins and Ghoulies…


10-22-13 haloween3

Halloween is right around the corner, and in our house that’s a big deal. When Sam was little he really got into Halloween, dressing up not only himself, but also the entire house. Now that Sam’s off at college, his little brother Jack has assumed that role, and boy does he do it with gusto. Skulls seem to be central to the theme this year, though there are lots of gravestones, cobwebs and spooky colored eyes too. Jack still isn’t sure what he’s going to dress up as for trick or treating, but whatever he settles on, I’m sure it will be good! Happy Halloween!

10-22-13 haloween1

I vant to suck your blood


So… obviously Jack decided to be a vampire for Halloween this year, and although it’s maybe even a “normal” choice for this event, I’ve been trying to figure out why he chose this path. I know it’s not because of the pop culture craze for all things fanged that we’re currently mired in – as a third grader with parents who kinda keep an eye on what he reads and watches, he hasn’t seen anything True Blood or Twilight related – so what’s the deal?┬áMy best guess is that since both Jack and Sam grew up watching Count von Count doing his number thing on Sesame Street, maybe that’s what got him excited to be a vampire. Although I can’t remember if the line, “I vant to suck your blood” was ever really uttered, I do know that we would all use it enthusiastically when trying to scare each other with corny stories about blood-sucking vampires. I guess vampires are just iconic in nature and cool – blood, slicked back hair and an awesome cape… what’s not to like?

Ninja candy collector


I have a sweet tooth… always have. No-one else in the family really cares too much about candy, desserts and all the good stuff, but I do. My idea of breakfast is a Twix and a Diet Mountain Dew, so as we get toward the end of October, I become more and more excited about one of my favorite holidays… Halloween. This year my candy collector sidekick decided to be a Ninja, and as you can see, his haul this season was pretty impressive. Armed with a cute smile and his “Trick-or-Treat”, “Thank You” and “Happy Halloween”, I guided him from house to house on our mission to gather as much candy in an hour as we could. Making sure we didn’t trip in the dark and spill any of it along the way, this little stash should keep me in a sugar coma for at least the next couple of days!

Halloween around these parts is a big deal, and not just because of all the candy that comes into the house. Our neighborhood goes all out for this wacky holiday with almost every house getting into the spirit, and it certainly draws a crowd. Not just the locals either… we are used to getting a ton of trick-or-treaters from surrounding towns, and this year was no exception with cars parked end to end along the entire street. This was probably one of our busiest Halloweens, as kids young and old swarmed the neighborhood in search of goodies. We only give out the good stuff at our house… no pretzels, pencils or tiny lollipops here… chocolate all the way baby… but by 7:15pm our supply of 400+ pieces was exhausted! Reluctantly we had to turn out the lights and retreat inside where we could examine (and sample) the work of the Ninja candy collector… sweet.

Harry Potter


We had two special guests for Halloween… Arry Pottah and his long lost brother. Twas nice to have the big man home from college for the weekend, and Jack loved that he and Sam went trick or treating together.

“Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”

J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets