My stash has run out


It has been a long time since I have had a camera in my hand, so long in fact that I am literally out of material for the blog. After this post, I don’t have a single new image to share, so here’s a couple from my most recent photographic excursion. I made these on a wonderfully peaceful later afternoon jaunt to Marshall Point Lighthouse near Port Clyde in Maine. I’m accustomed to having a steady stream of photographs queued up for publishing regularly every 4 or 5 days, and that line usually extends out for maybe about a month. However, it has been about six weeks since I’ve laid my hand on the camera, so my “reserve” is totally spent. Hmmm… so where exactly did I leave that camera bag?


Reaching out into the ocean


It has been a while since I was out with the camera. These photographs are from a wonderfully calm evening spent at Marshall Point Lighthouse in late August. That’s almost six weeks since I tripped the shutter : (

The New England fall foliage season is in full swing around these parts, but it doesn’t look promising for me to be able to get out to make any photographs. This will be a busy week with work and with soccer season winding down, but you never know, maybe I’ll be able to steal away for a few hours later in the week.

In the meantime, here are a few black and white renditions of what is a particularly striking lighthouse on the Maine coast. This is the lighthouse that Forrest Gump ran to and ran to and ran to in the movie as he traversed back and forth across the country. It is a unique structure, one that just begs to be photographed.

Marshall Point Lighthouse


Can you imagine just chilling on the rocks at the ocean’s edge watching the sun go down on a view as pretty as this? As I have said many times, I feel quite fortunate to live in a state as beautiful as Maine, and it’s when I can slow down and enjoy a scene like this that I am most content. I have a couple more photographs to share from what was a very peaceful late afternoon spent here, but it wasn’t until the sun had gone down that I began to truly appreciate my surroundings. As the tide washed in around the lighthouse and jagged shore, I perched myself just out of its reach and watched as the day slowly and delicately gave way to the night.

Forrest Gump Stopped Here…


… when he crossed the country on his epic travels. Not sure if I should call it Marshall Point Lighthouse or Port Clyde Lighthouse, but by either name it is a unique and impressive sight. I am going to return to this lighthouse on the coast of Maine just below Rockland someday soon, especially if I can get some nice winter light and perhaps some snow.

This is one of the very first photographs I ever made after getting re-interested in photography back around 2001. It was made using 35mm Velvia slide film and then scanned using a Nikon scanner I used when I worked at the University of Maine. I would wait until I had more than a handful of slides that I wanted to scan, and then head over to the new media lab where I would spend a couple of hours digitizing my latest masterpieces. Though I loved the look of slide film on the light table, the process of scanning them was laborious to say the least, and I think my experiences there went some ways toward convincing me to make the jump to using a digital camera.

I can distinctly remember the summer morning I spent here. It was fogged in pretty heavily, and that only served to amplify the sounds of the mid-coast area. I recall hearing the putt-putt of a lobster boat engine as it made it’s way around the point. I couldn’t see it at first, but I hoped it would come near enough to the lighthouse were it might add a little interest to my composition. When it appeared out of the fog I was ready… click.