Looking for Lupine


I have always looked forward to mid-June when the Lupine in Maine come to life. Serious gardeners often disparage this hardy perennial for its ability to overwhelm a planned garden space. Me… I love the swaths of deep color that appear along the roadside at this time of year, and I have long been searching for a nice composition that includes these beautiful flowers.

On our camping trip to Acadia National Park this past weekend we spent a really nice evening, free from the already increasing crowds in Bar Harbor, along the quiet shore at Seawall. As we made our way past Southwest Harbor and through Manset, this pretty scene presented itself. Needless to say I started drooling, stopped the car and enjoyed the view.


Tip-toe Through the Tulips


A couple of years ago Lori and I wanted to add some color to the garden for when the snow melted in early spring, so we planted a ton of tulips in and around the house. When I say a ton, I mean a ton – we planted them everywhere! We figured the squirrels would get some, the frost would get some, and some just wouldn’t make it. And if by some chance they all made it, then great… we would have the most amazing springtime garden.

That first spring was indeed pretty spectacular. We must have had close to one hundred tulips come up in all sorts of colors, and in all sorts of places we had forgotten we had even planted. Over the years though, fewer and fewer of them have survived the harsh Maine winters, and now there are only maybe twenty brightly colored blooms scattered around the yard.

There might not be as many of them, but those that have bloomed are no less beautiful. The reds, yellows and oranges are incredibly vibrant, and for us Mainers they are a very welcome sight as we ease out of another long winter. Stay tuned though… Lori and Sam have been doing some work on the front garden, and it is starting to take shape very nicely – I will post photographs soon.

Both of the images in this post are from the same group of tulips in the front yard from this evening. I moved the camera across the scene while the shutter was open for about half a second creating what is, for me, a very pleasing effect. See more images using this technique here.