Gowlane Strand


We had been in the car for most of the morning as we made our way toward Dingle, so when we caught a glimpse of a beautiful beach off on our right, we decided to explore. Gowlane Strand stretched forever, and while we were there, the sun and clouds were doing a little dance for us. One minute it would be gently raining, and in the blink of an eye the sun would start shining. There were even times when the sun was doing its thing WHILE it was raining!

In the photograph above the sun was streaming over my shoulder and shining directly on the pretty dune grasses, and it contrasted sharply with the ominous sky in the distance. On another day this magnificent beach is home to the annual World Windsurfing Championships, but today we had it virtually all to ourselves. We saw a couple of people walking their dog, and one other solitary walker. Our time spent here was a welcome respite from the miles we had been logging in the car, and a preview of the spectacular landscapes we would encounter as we progressed.