On the side of the road…


10-17-13 Foliage1

Just a little something from the side of the road as I cruised through central Maine on my way to a work meeting. Certain scenes catch the corner of your eye as you are driving, and I learned a long time ago not to ignore them… nowadays when I catch a glimpse of something I like, I always listen to the little voice in my head and swing the car around to explore. I’m not talking about a grand vista, just brief impressions that instantly burn onto the retina, and I’m often curious if they might make an interesting photograph. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t… and as always, what one person finds interesting might not appeal to another. Obviously late fall, I found myself wondering what this scene might look like earlier in the summer with a blue sky background and corn ripe for the picking. Though this is nothing more than a weary cornfield that probably isn’t even standing any longer, in that particular moment as I was driving by, I was drawn to the symmetry, the shapes, and the soft, subdued light.