Chesterfield Gap


8-17-13 chesterfield1

From a recent hiking adventure in western Massachussetts… this is the Westfield River just downstream from the impressive Chesterfield Gorge. Maintained by the Trustees of Reservations, this is a pretty spectacular stretch of river offering amazing views of a steep-sided gorge – and then further downstream – a meandering and picturesque riverbed. The gorge part of the hike is quite remarkable, with high cliffs on either side framing fast-moving water that continues to shape the land. The topography flattened out somewhat once we left the roar of the gorge, and the raging water from higher up soon gave way to a peaceful, friendly river. Oliver and I explored the trail while the kids took some time to cool off and enjoy the gently running water. This is a very pretty place that would surely look great in the fall when the leaves begin to change color.

8-17-13 chesterfield2

8-17-13 chesterfield3