One of my angels…


4-13-14 Cadillac debbie3 Cancer is a bad thing. It has obviously struck our family out of the blue, and as it did so, make no mistake that it has rocked our foundation to the core. We’re asking questions and looking for answers… answers that we’re learning aren’t necessarily there for us just yet. Our friends and family are asking questions too, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the desire of others to provide us with help and support. It’s hard… what do you say to help someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer? It’s a frustrating situation for all involved… everyone wants to help, but there’s only so much one can do. Tremendously frustrating for all involved.

4-13-14 cadillac debbie2People want to help, and we want people to know that their encouraging words and support are indeed helping. How do we let our friends and community know how much their support is appreciated… that’s hard too. Hopefully by posting on the blog I’m able to – even in some small way – pass along our gratitude? I mean it when I say that we feed off of that positive energy every day, and we are truly and eternally grateful for the generous outpouring of love we are experiencing every day. In addition to the incredible support our entire local community is nurturing us with, as we navigate this sometimes unpredictable journey, we’ve been especially blessed with the additional and remarkable support of certain individuals.

4-13-14 cadilac debbie1 Here’s one such individual… Debbie. Debbie is one of my angels. Debbie and Jeff have the most beautiful family of three wonderful boys and a gorgeous, black standard poodle named Sidney. I have had the very good fortune to coach one of their boys on my high school soccer team, and in doing so, I have also had the even better fortune of getting to know this wonderful family just a little bit better.

Debbie is a nurse –  wow, that’s such a short word that in no way describes the role that Debbie has helped play in my dealing with this situation – she has meant so, so much more to our family. I’ve had a few hiccups (literally and figuratively) along the way, and as one of the angel nurses on the sixth floor of the Eastern Maine Medical Center who has been trusted with my care on more than one occasion since the diagnosis, I feel as though Debbie has indisputably influenced my very existence.

So… how to thank someone for giving so much? Impossible. But when I’m able to reproduce an image of mine that means a lot to me – this canvas of an early summer morning sunrise from the summit of Cadillac in Acadia National Park – and see Debbie so happy to receive it as a small token of thanks and hang it in her home… that makes me proud, honored and very humble. One of my angels… Debbie. Thank you.



3-22-13 canvas2

I used to think that photographs presented on canvas were kinda kitschy. I didn’t get the allure of printing onto a medium I initially believed would not be able to hold the detail and sharpness that I had spent so much effort to obtain in the first place. That all changed last summer though when we spent a weekend in the newly opened West Street Hotel in Bar Harbor. When I first walked into the lobby, I was blown away by several large, square, canvas prints of Acadia landscapes that were hanging on the walls. I literally walked over to admire each of what must have been 40×40 pieces, and I was in awe of the detail and the depth that the canvas exuded. I vowed there and then to give canvas prints a try.

3-22-13 canvas1

Fast forward to this week, and a couple of my favorite Maine and Acadia landscapes printed on canvas just arrived. I ordered a black and white 16×24 of a moody morning spent at Otter Cliffs, and I also ordered a 20×30 of a wonderfully colorful sunrise from Bass Harbor Light. Any concerns I had about losing detail when on canvas were dispelled the instant I opened them up. The texture of the surface seems to hold the detail beautifully, and there appears to be a depth to this type of presentation that isn’t always evident in many traditional paper prints. As you can see, the color of the walls in our house aren’t exactly neutral, but trust me, despite the bold contrasts, these pieces are very impressive when hung. Here are the two images as originally presented on the web…


5-23-12 Otter Cliffs 5 BW(sm)