Real world math…


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So, at first I felt a little guilty about having my 9 year old help me brew and bottle my latest batch of home-made beer. A little voice way in the back of my head was questioning my parenting skills, worrying about the message I might be sending Jack, but that’s when I also realized that on the flip side of things there was a serious educational plus to the situation. As Jack and I struggled with the concept of siphoning – the method by which the liquid was transferred from the fermentation bucket to the bottling bucket – he was being exposed to some pretty serious real world math (and science). Understanding the impact of pressure, gravity, displacement, volume… all key math/science skills, right? This was definitely a two-person job, and as you can see, Jack’s assistance throughout the process was invaluable as we prepared this latest batch of liquid gold for bottling. Next up… we’ll brew ourselves some kid-friendly root beer!

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The best beer I have ever had


From the moment we made our cottage reservation in Bass Harbor, I planned to photograph the lighthouse from the “other” side looking back toward the east. Most people shoot the lighthouse from the overlook where the bell is, and some even find the path to the left that takes you down to the jagged rocks where you get the classic view, but few get to shoot it from the “other” side.

I wondered about hopping the fence, but the “No Trespassing” sign was enough to deter me from doing that. I thought about trying to clamber around the lighthouse and along the rocks at low tide, but I wasn’t sure if there was access to the “other” side, even at the lowest of tides. That left me with one other option… to kayak along the coast and either shoot from the ocean, or beach it and set up on the exposed rocks.

I knew that the last light of the day at this time of year did not actually hit the lighthouse, so instead of sunset, this meant a late afternoon trip at around 6:00 p.m. My preconceived vision of what I was looking for involved dramatic clouds in the background being lit up by warm light, and I also wanted to catch some light on the white tower of the lighthouse. Lori took Jack and his buddy Jack – who was there for a sleepover – in the double kayak to keep me company on the way out, and even though the storm clouds didn’t materialize as I had hoped, I still liked the view.

I stashed a Corona with a couple of lime wedges and a handful of ice cubes into a water bottle, and as we set off toward the lighthouse, the tide was low and just about to start coming in. As we meandered along the shoreline, we were treated to some soft late afternoon light that was still warm, mixed in with a brisk ocean breeze. I had my 70-200mm f4 lens attached to my camera so that I could get a different perspective on the scene, and when I got within about 100 yards of the lighthouse I took a deep breath, stowed my paddle, and sat back to admire the view. I popped open the water bottle carrying my cold beverage, and took a few long swigs before I brought the camera up to my eye. I ended up taking way more photographs than I needed to, but as long as I had good light and some beer left, I was determined to stay as long as I could. And as the title of this post points out… I thoroughly enjoyed what was probably the best beer I have ever had 🙂