Hitting a milestone


12-13-13 milestone

Oliver entered our lives just over a year ago, and his arrival coincided with me finally joining the 21st century and getting an iPhone. It didn’t take me long to discover the Nike Running app – not for running I might add – but for measuring our daily walks together. As you can see from the screenshot above, my little friend and I have covered some serious ground over the past year. Twenty pounds lighter and probably considerably healthier, I’m looking forward to our next one thousand miles together!



Chimani – an awesome Acadia NP app


A new app providing all sorts of cool information about Acadia National Park just hit the iTunes store. Chimani, a company run by fellow Mainer Kerry Gallivan, recently released the first in a series of national park applications for the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad. Versions for other platforms such as Android (July 1) and Palm are also in the works.

This is a multimedia application that truly packs a punch, with interactive maps, detailed photographs, descriptive audio clips, and a wealth of information for anyone interested in exploring the park. I recently had an opportunity to test the app out, and I can categorically report that it did not disappoint.

For a while I have wanted to explore some of the carriage trails in and around the Jordan Pond House, so on a recent visit I carried my iPod Touch with me as I headed south and away from the parking lot. I was trying to find the famous Cobblestone Bridge, and using the interactive map included in the app to do so was a breeze. More than just a topographical map though, the app also offers details and ideas for just about every activity a visitor to Acadia might be interested in. As someone who likes to photograph in the park, the sunrise/sunset and tide schedules are especially useful.

Major features include an auto tour, sunrise/sunset tool, tides tool, Island Explorer shuttle bus schedule, off-line high-resolution maps, audio guide, ranger-led events, hiking, bicycling, camping, horseback riding, lighthouses, museums, parking, restrooms, picnicking, swimming, birding, boat launches, and fishing guide. (http://www. chimani.com)

I enjoyed exploring the wealth of historical and geographical information available on the many points of interest included in the app, and it certainly suits my preference for a guide to the park. Incredibly easy to use, there is a level of depth to the resources provided that makes this app a must-have for the traveler interested in exploring Acadia National Park.

I love Acadia and all that it offers, and as a resource for those seeking to learn about and experience the park to its fullest, this app truly does it justice. I highly recommend downloading it from the iTunes store. Oh yes… regular visitors to my blog might recognize some of the photographs : )