Postcard from Maine (8)


4-22-14 Schoodic Sunrise1

Aha. Another favorite place. This is a view from the quieter part of Acadia National Park called Schoodic. A rocky peninsula stretching out into the Gulf of Maine, there are views like this scattered all along the perimeter… grab your camera, enjoy the far-less crowded surroundings, and make yourself a photograph or two.

Off in the distance is a little gem called “Rolling Island” – and then there’s the classic Acadia (Schoodic) foreground. I’ve been to this specific place several times… sometimes I come away with a photograph I like, and sometimes I just enjoy the scenery. On this particular morning I can remember the colorful sunrise seemed to last for ages… it quite literally lasted for at least a half an hour. What better way to start the day!

9 thoughts on “Postcard from Maine (8)

  1. I remember that day… at least I think I do… lol.

    I attached a photography of Portland Head Light… I had never been, but a conference yesterday allowed me the chance to get to the lighthouse…

    I was surprised by the amount of chain link fencing … I did not know if I was allowed to scale the fence so I decided to be creative and find a perspective I had not yet seen… which as you know is a tough thing to do when photographing one of the most photographed light houses in the country.

    I have labeled this photograph.. JUST DANDY.

  2. This is a classic Maine coast scene and you have done it fine justice, David.
    I hope you are faring well and get to experience this scenery again as soon as you are able. I am not coming to Maine this Spring but I hope to for next and it would be great to hook up with you then.

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