Postcard from Maine (6)


4-22-14 Otter Cliffs 5

What to do when the weather doesn’t cooperate? I’ve been to this very special location many, many times in search of epic light, but I can honestly say that on the majority of my visits, I usually get skunked with less than stellar conditions. I’ll check the weather forecast, and I’ll plan for favorable tides… but ultimately you’re at the mercy of the light. Sometimes you get lucky, but usually not.

Having said that… less than favorable light can bring “different” conditions, and with those come opportunities to capture images that are more original. Sometimes they’re more unusual simply because others don’t bother making photographs at those times, and sometimes they’re unique simply because instead of making a cover version of someone else’s work you’re making something creative of your own.

Embrace iffy weather. While I have experienced and photographed epic colors and memorable sunrises, some of my favorite images were made in stormy conditions. The color palette in both images in this post don’t necessarily reflect the traditional picture postcard ideal… but I am more proud of them than you might imagine.

4-22-14 Acadia(15)

10 thoughts on “Postcard from Maine (6)

  1. I prefer the stormy and more sombre scenes in images. I guess everyone can do the picture postcard scenes, but not necessarily capture the atmosphere which you have managed in this post.

    I love the high waves and seawater spray people capture on stormy days. There have been some spectacular posts by some bloggers from the Cornish coast of the UK this past winter.

    I rarely manage to capture storms myself as I can’t carry my heavy duty tripod on public transport (no car & bad lumbar back pain). My lightweight tripod, or even, just hand-held shots are too difficult to keep steady in our strong winds.

  2. You are right about less than perfect weather conditions…it makes you work harder but usually produces the best images…like these!

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