Sugar from my baby


5-14-14 oliver1

Just in case you were wondering where he went… here’s Oliver! As you can imagine, in my time of need he’s got lots of love to give. There are moments between treatments when I’m beat and just need to hunker down for a nap, and whaddya know, Oliver is quite content to hop up at the end of the sofa to join me. And then there are the times he just wants to give kisses and hugs. We had heard stories about when he got close to turning two years of age of how he would all of a sudden mellow out… well, that seems to be true.

5-14-14 oliver2

Almost overnight it seems, in many ways he became this chilled more mature dog, and gone are some of the crazy puppy behaviors. He still gets very excited when greeting people (something we are working on), but other than that, we can definitely notice a calmness to his demeanor that just wasn’t there before. Perhaps he senses what’s going on within the house, or maybe it’s just true what they say about him transitioning from puppy to dog… either way, he is an absolute dream of a family companion and brings us so much joy. Here’s a rare one of me in front of the camera – this time getting lots of sugar from my baby.

5-14-14 oliver3


35 thoughts on “Sugar from my baby

  1. Looking good David. We just had our puppy (Lilo the Chocolate Lab) fixed and she has done a 180 herself… she is becoming more and more mellow by the day. I went out to take some photographs for the first time since you and went out a few month ago. It was good to get out. I ended up going to Acadia last Sunday morning (boy, was it hard to get up at 3 am…). I got to the park and as you can imagine, I was the only human around all morning. The clouds did not fully cooperate so I had to take a vantage point that worked best… which was over at Otter Point looking back at Great Head trail and the Beehive. I arrived in enough time where I could just sit and relax, listening to the waves… you crossed my mind many times while I was there.

    • David Patterson

      Chad… good to hear from you. Love to see what you got… have you posted your Acadia (or Lilo) pix anywhere?)

  2. Goldens are the best at being just the right kind of companion. My Mikey is chilled out next to my chair as I type….but he is eleven years old. Sheila

    • David Patterson

      Shelia… Oliver is doing the same as I type this. Big sighs and twitches every now and then as he dreams 🙂

  3. Michelle Reasso

    So there is hope for our puppy, Charlotte?! She is a crazy bugger. We found her on Route 52 near our house. She keeps Cody on his toes and we have discovered that he has an energetic side! I know, it’s hard to believe…Enjoy your fuzzy man! We look forward to seeing y’all in July! xoxo

    • David Patterson

      Micelle… great to hear from you! I bet Cody loves his new friend… Charlotte sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing you guys in July too!

  4. I reall do think that dogs know when people are sick and do their best to comfort them. When I was going through chemo and radiation I was being cared for by a family who had an older golden. He would not leave my side. I was told that when I went in for treatments he’d lie in front of the door and cry until I got back. Dogs can be such kind animals.

  5. Andrew Thomas

    Nice to see the pair of you, David! Can’t beat pets for giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling!
    Best wishes, Andrew and Debbie

  6. Aren’t dogs just the best…and Oliver certainly is. He is a great companion and comfort. I saw an article the other day about dogs being able to sense cancer. So he may just have a feeling about what is going on. Either way, he is bringing you a sweetness that has to be a help in your fight. Glad to see that happy scene.

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