Just for kicks…


4-19-14 Cape Neddick

Here’s an image just for show. There’s no real story to this post other than I like it. It’s of Nubble Light – sometimes called Cape Neddick – a classic New England lighthouse located on the coast of southern Maine in York. I grabbed the opportunity to soak in the start of a new day, and as the sun slowly rose, I just loved the textures in the foreground rocks and the subtle gradient in the sky. The color version is nice, but I especially liked the mood generated by the silvery black and white rendition. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Just for kicks…

  1. Sometimes the color just gets in the way of what is really important in the image. Case in point here as I am sure the colorful horizon would pull us rapidly away for the rocky tidal pooled shore that you enjoy so much…so do I. The moon would have been less noticeable as well, I think.

    I hope things are moving along well towards a recovery and better times, David.

    • David Patterson

      Steve… thanks. You are very right about the distraction that the color can create sometimes. I did like the inclusion of the moon – even with the wide-angle lens. Feeling better and doing well here… thanks.

  2. Dave Longfellow

    Love this image, David. As you said, the foreground texture is a great anchor to the shot. Lovely that the moon and the lighthouse’s light are so similar in size. Best wishes coming your way, always.

  3. Seán

    Hey David!,
    Love this image!,it’s fantastic! Great texture and contrast and love your processing. I need to get out to the Maine area for a coastal shoot!
    Take Care!

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