Why not..?


4-11-14 oliver1

Is it possible to update Oliver’s condition too often? Forgive me if I’m being overly zealous with his recovery pics, but I just wanted to keep you all up to date. Top pic has a touch of Instagram applied.

4-11-14 oliver3

*As a loyal reader, please don’t feel as though you need to leave a comment every time I make a blog post. I just want to provide a quick note about my little friend’s condition. Though he does look a little sleepy, trust me… he’s doing awesome!

4-11-14 oliver2

21 thoughts on “Why not..?

  1. I agree with LOISAJAY……..NEVER TOO MANY OR TOO OFTEN…… PICTURES!!! It’s as though he belongs to all of us and all of us care. You are most kind to share the lovely Oliver. I am claiming him as my internet pet and boy, I have chosen the perfect one!!
    Thanks David

  2. I love the Oliver pics. I have one like him at home….though my Miley aka Major Mike is now a senior dog. Goldens have such great facial expressions! They are all love bugs! They turn normal people into goofy owners/parents/buddies. All in the name of Love for our goldens. Keep those pics coming. Sheila

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