Home safe and sound….



4-10-14 oliver snip day after

Here he is morning after. Perky and looking more like his old self. Just have to keep him settled and quiet now.

4-9-14 oliver snip2

Here he is… home safe and sound – minus a couple of important bits. As you can imagine, Oliver’s not quite himself right about now, but the doc assures us that everything went well and that he’ll be back to his old self within about a week. The vet-recommended boxers are to try and keep him away from the stitches and the incision, and although it pains me to see him this way, when we take into account everything going on in our lives right now… I just know we did the right thing. Welcome home sweet Oliver, and I just know he appreciates all of your good wishes.

4-9-14 oliver snip1

41 thoughts on “Home safe and sound….

  1. Andrew Thomas

    Hi David, he looks a little sad now, but they recover amazingly quick, much sooner than I know I would! You’ll be able to show this picture around in a few years time and really embarrass him in front of all his friends!

  2. Seàn

    Hey David!,
    Glad to see Oliver is home and well! He will be fine. My little girl was back to herself within weeks. Very good to hear from you!, I hope you are well and your health progressing in a positive way. Take care!

  3. Oh, sweet Oliver with the dopey eyes. You were in my thoughts today, and I am so happy to see that you are home and well. Now, about those boxers . . . just make sure that none of the other dogs see you. 😉

  4. Hello David, our guy is looking a little drunk don’t you think? But he will be good as new in a couple of days and the he will be wanting to go again. Hope your health is going good also. Good to hear from you we miss you out here but we know you will be back soon and you too will be ready to go. Oh I forgot Oliver looks really cute in those boxers. LOL Take care and Happy Easter. Kat

  5. poor baby. he looks like he has had a hard day based on the top pic. Anyone who has had surgery can relate to that look. He is still a beautiful boy! Our Mikey looks like that when the work on his teeth. The vet sedates him in order to clean his teeth. He came home one time and just stood in the middle of the floor whining. He eventually slept it off.
    Best wishes to the both of you!

  6. I’m glad to hear he’s home all safe and well. He’ll be driving you batty soon trying to keep him calm and not running, leaping and being the cool dog that he is! Wishing you the best…continued prayers for your health.

  7. If ever there was a Golden Fashion Guru……it would be Oliver! You are styling’!!
    I’ll be glad when his eyes, gorgeous eyes, are not so sad. But, that day will come and all will clap their hands with glee! Have a good day.

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