The other kind of medicine…


3-25-14 oliver1

Few words today, but in addition to the many not-so-natural medicines I’ve been pumping into my body lately, here’s a glimpse of another kind of medicine that has certainly been impacting my well-being. I’m getting lots of love from Lori, Sam, Jack and family – don’t know what I would do without all of them – and then there’s my baby boy Oliver. He knows somethings up, but as always – regardless – he’s got lots of love to give. Both photographs in this post are iPhone pix processed in the Snapseed app – the one below is a “selfie” I’m especially proud of.

3-25-14 oliver2


70 thoughts on “The other kind of medicine…

  1. Not only is love the best medicine but also the most important thing in life….I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know and appreciate. Continued good wishes, David.

  2. Oliver’s love jumps off of this picture. And finally a “selfie” that in itself tells the story. All the very very best to you. Soldier on….you certainly have a terrific army behind you David.

  3. Best wishes to you. To have the love and devotion of a golden is indeed special. I am sure Oliver is giving the most special medicine, the kind that cannot be bought in a bottle. Sheila

  4. I am a dog lover… and completely agree with what others have said before me. This devotion from Oliver may be your “best” medicine… peace and tranquility with a creature that knows only love. He will watch over you and notice changes (good or lets hope not… bad) and be there for you through them all. Give your precious bundle of furbaby love a {{hug}} from So. Cali for me.

  5. Charlie Zevon

    Beautiful images. It’s obvious that you and Oliver have enriched each others’ lives. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  6. Johann Briffa

    David, when I saw your ‘leave of absence’ earlier this month I just didn’t know what to say. Perhaps there just isn’t any good response. So, simply, here’s wishing you well. I always look forward to more of your photography. The two you share today are both so expressive…

  7. The love of family and friends foster a hope that would otherwise be out of reach. And, the companionship of a beloved pet-in this case, Oliver-is especially comforting. If I could even come close to expressing my feelings about what you are going through as well as Oliver does through your photographs, I would consider it a just service to you. Alas, I cannot compete with that furry face called affection, but I do continue to wish you well through prayer and thoughts.

  8. Julie Whitten

    The selfie is an amazing photo with such powerful emotion. It brought tears to my eyes. Goldens are a very smart breed, Oliver knows what you are going through. Let me know if you need a person to walk Oliver.

  9. Oh! The look of concern in that first picture. Isn’t it amazing how our furry loved ones sense when something is amiss?
    Know that you have an army of readers who care and are sending only positive energy up tow Maine!

  10. Dave Longfellow

    Glad to hear from you and a lovely, loving selfie! Soak up all that love and support from 4-legged and 2-legged pals. Here’s to your full recovery.

  11. Jocelyne

    The selfie is a wonderful photo. It’s so touching to see you two together like that. Oliver looks sad in the first photo, he knows you have something, he sees it and sense it.
    I’m sending light and positive energy your way. Take care David.

  12. It is so good to see a post from you in my reader! I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you and your family often, David. Your selfie with Oliver is by far the best I’ve ever seen…

  13. Hello,
    Hope this a good day for you. Good thoughts coming your way from here at any rate.
    The selfie and soulful picture of Oliver still gets me. There must not be a better friend on this earth than what you have in Oliver.
    Take care.

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