Enough already…


2-13-14 tree2It’s been a snowy winter so far, and that trend doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of changing soon. I don’t like winter to begin with, but when it stretches out this long with so much cold and snow, I REALLY don’t like it. FYI… here’s a record of the past week or so… we got 8 inches on Friday, 5 inches on Sunday, 6 inches on Tuesday, 3 inches on Wednesday, and we’re expecting sleet/rain on Friday… joy.

2-13-14 tree1

The good news in all of this is that Oliver can’t seem to get enough of the snow, and since he needs his exercise, at least I’m getting out in the fresh air too. I’m posting a couple of simple photographs of a stark – but I thought beautiful – tree from our walk together during one of the recent snowstorms. And then there’s my handsome boy – I say roll on springtime and enough of this winter nonsense already!

2-13-14 tree4

16 thoughts on “Enough already…

    • David Patterson

      That’s some pile of snow you’ve got too. Don’t get me started on the weather forecasters, especially the Weather Channel. Methinks their journalistic integrity has been traded in for the promise of advertiser eyeballs (and dollars). That’s why every winter storm, big or small, is now named, and that’s why forecasting the weather has become a soap opera designed to keep us glued to our screens. Rant over 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Does he ever! He’ll roll around in snow any chance he gets – even the dirty road snow if I’m not careful. He’ll also bury his nose and head deep into snow banks… there must be something good in there for him to smell.

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