A different angle


1-18-14 boulder beach

In this location, I can usually be found hunkered down somewhere back near where the ocean meets the round rocks, since that spot gives you a view of the Atlantic Ocean and majestic Otter Cliffs. On this occasion however, I’m a little further along the Boulder Beach shoreline, looking back over my shoulder at a different angle. Looking in this direction doesn’t give a striking view of the cliffs, but the round rocks this location is renowned for are still there, and I love those steadfast trees standing guard over the scene.

16 thoughts on “A different angle

  1. Dave Longfellow

    Beautifully done, David. Every element, from the rocks to the trees to the background shoreline in mist to the clouds works beautifully together on this shot.

    • David Patterson

      Abe… not sure I’ve printed any BW on glossy, though I have used both paper with a metal finish and actual metal… both look awesome. I don’t do any of my own printing – most of what I have printed is done by either MPix or Aspen Creek Photo… both do good work.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Denise… this was one of those times when you’re focused on the scene in front of you but when you turn around you see this 🙂

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