Enough of the landscape stuff…


1-26-14 oliver14

Heeeeeere’s Oliver! It was so cold when we walked the golf course on Sunday, the shutter button on my camera literally froze. Seriously. Before it did though, I managed a few snaps of my baby boy. He’s already 16 months old, though in these photographs I can still see glimpses of the cute little puppy we brought home just over a year ago. He amazes me every single day with the amount of joy and affection he has to offer, and I wonder just what we did to deserve such unconditional love. The least I can do in return is take him to the golf course and let him run off his leash. Like most dogs, he loves tennis balls and sticks… give him either, and he’s one happy boy!

For those interested in the semi-technical stuff… Canon 5D II in A1 Servo mode with a 70-200mm f4 lens mostly at 200mm. The camera finds dealing with the snow quite challenging – it usually tries to tone the brightness down and leaves a darker than normal image – so I intentionally set the camera to overexpose by half a stop to ensure a more accurate exposure. I bumped the iso to 200, and chose a shutter speed of at least 1/500th second (fast enough to freeze even the quickest Golden Retriever). Then it’s just a matter of throwing the stick or tennis ball, and when he fetches and eagerly runs back toward me so I can repeat the process, I position myself down on one knee at his eye level and snap away.

Every now and then I get a good one 😉

1-26-14 oliver11-26-14 oliver13 1-26-14 oliver12 1-26-14 oliver10 1-26-14 oliver11 1-26-14 oliver9 1-26-14 oliver8 1-26-14 oliver7 1-26-14 oliver6 1-26-14 oliver5 1-26-14 oliver4 1-26-14 oliver3 1-26-14 oliver2

223 thoughts on “Enough of the landscape stuff…

  1. Hi there – Oliver is magnificent. He looks very healthy and very happy! He has such a beautiful coat. Love watching the Goldies run. I wanted to say which photo is my favorite, but they are all so GREAT! Probably the 1st or the 7th…in the 3rd, he looks like he’s playing the flute. Wonderful!

  2. Jocelyne

    These photos are so wonderful, fun, full of joy, they brightened my day ! They are all amazing. Cute cute cute Oliver 🙂

  3. Hi David. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award since I enjoy your posts and photography. In NO way do you have to accept as I know it takes time away from what you may want to post about and I notice you don’t have an award page. Adios!

  4. Aww! We had a Golden Retriever called Oliver too… He brought many years of happiness to our family. Your pictures reminded me of some lovely memories…

  5. Wow, those are awesome pictures!

    I love how those types of dogs always seem to be having a good day, you know? (I’m saying “those types of dogs” purposely, because whenever I ask, “Golden Retriever?” I’m told, “No, idiot – Lab.” And vice versa. So yeah…beautiful four-legged creature you have there, is what I’m saying.)

    What type of camera do you use? I have a Nikon D7000 and, despite only being able to use like, eight or nine of his 5000 features, I still consider myself to be a professional photographer. Heh heh. You know a camera’s “that good” WHEN…


    • David Patterson

      Thanks. I use a Canon 5D Mark II. Lots of features but like most things, you just need to get comfortable with those you need to know… and then experiment and discover more.

  6. obzervashunal

    those have got to be pictures of the happiest dog on the planet… thank you for sharing them with the world!

  7. st sahm

    A good one? The one with the snow on his nose is a great photo. I don’t even know you or Oliver and it made me happy.

  8. He is so cute…..and I too have a dog, he’s three. I know much joy you feel when you see your dog gambol around without leash.
    Though the same situation is very scary when doesn’t want to mind the cars on the road

  9. These pictures are outstanding- although it does help you have such a beautiful subject to inspire 🙂 – but the timing of your shots is just fantastic. I love them.

  10. He sounds like a very good compagnion! He looks great and seems to have a blast out there in the snow! I wonder what he looked like when he was a puppy. They do grow up so fast! Love the pictures you made! Enjoy your pretty, sweet and playful mate!

  11. bluerosegirl08

    My Golden Gideon is 3 next month and I always say that he is happiness and sunshine wrapped in fur. Beautiful photos of a beautiful dog.

  12. carinviolin

    WOW!! These are some of the best quality photos I have ever seen! I would do anything to get a camera like that!

  13. Captured with love and talent, your photos are indeed special as is Oliver. Thank you for sharing both. I have a German Shepherd and a Dachshund both very handsome fellows. I hope to become a better photographer so I’ll be back to follow your lead.
    Thank you for so graciously sharing your talents.
    newbie blogger

  14. Hey David! I’m so happy Oliver made it on freshly pressed! I love Oliver, he is so beautiful and for a while now I follow his stories on your Blog. He deserves a good, tasty, fresh bone for this accomplishment 🙂 And congrats to you as well!

  15. SIVILS and GOLD

    Absolutely gorgeous dog and photography!! We’re proudly owned by five Golden Retrievers. They’re the best, aren’t they??

  16. Nothing says pure joy like the face of a happy dog galloping toward you — I always smile whenever I look at the pics I’ve snapped of my 100-pound best black lab friend with ears flapping, legs mid-gallop and a big ol’ grin on his face. You have captured the essence of this joy perfectly.

  17. mdprincing

    He is a beauty! I can go on for days about Golden Retrievers, we are the proud family of two soon to be 5 year old Yosemite Sam and soon to be 12 year old Lucy. They are great buddies and complete opposites. Lucy is the guardian mother, Sam is the goofy clown. He is big like Oliver with a beautiful flowing coat.

  18. All the words and sentiment about Oliver have been used. But for me, it started my day on the most happiest of note. So thank you. I will keep the images in my head for days to come, I just know it. Lovely!!

  19. This makes me miss my dogs so much..! I couldn’t take them with me when I moved out for college so I just accost dogs like Oliver in the street, stealing little pets and cuddles when I can 😛

  20. Naomi Anderson

    Aww I had a beautiful golden when my children were small. She was adorable and loved the snow every bit as much as Oliver. Enjoy every magical moment with him x

  21. sundaeschool

    Take as many photos of this handsome boy as you can.. My beautiful Golden Girl is already 6.5 years old, time flies, and I wish I had taken more photos of her as a puppy. She still has that same mischief in her when she gets into a playful mood, and the same excitement when you get home from work, but they slow down fast at a certain point. Its almost as if they skip twenty human years and suddenly go from being 50 years old to 70 years old..

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