Sights (and sounds) of Schoodic


A nice place to spend some time. Though a still image can take me back to a place I have visited and sometimes even remind me vividly about that experience, it’s merely that… an image. Here’s a little bonus where I hit the record button for video… the sights (and sounds) from Raven’s Nest in Acadia National Park, Maine.

10 thoughts on “Sights (and sounds) of Schoodic

  1. beautifully captured…
    david – can i pick your brain on a purchase… since you are a prof…
    thinking of buying a sony alpha a 58… any thoughts on that..? any advice or thoughts are much appreciated…
    regards from the other side of the world… jurgen

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Jurgen.

      As for advice… that’s a tough one. I don’t have much experience with the Sony brand, or the specific model you are looking at. The good news is though that I honestly don’t think you can go wrong these days when purchasing a digital camera. Camera technology has made huge strides regarding functionality and image quality, so depending on your own specific needs – lightweight/mirrorless/fast burst speed/megapixels/full frame – to name just a few considerations, you’ll have lots of choices and will probably love whatever camera you get. You’ve probably seen this site, but if you haven’t, it offers in-depth reviews of just about all cameras, and it might serve as a good resource:

      Good luck!

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