The pick of the litter


1-5-14 bass harbor1

Though proud of the black and white rendition of this scene, I’m going to say that I like the color version slightly better. So, what makes this image the pick of the litter for me? I like the foreground. I like how the rocky shoreline zig-zags as it recedes through the mid ground. I like how the waning twilight-induced longer exposure smoothed out the mighty Atlantic. I like the classic Acadia granite, and I especially like how it looks with a dusting of snow. I like how the local evergreens frame the spectacular and pulsing beacon, and I like how the longer exposure impacted the clouds that were streaking overhead. I like how even the tones are throughout the scene, and I like how, compositionally, all roads lead the eye through the scene and back to the lighthouse. Most of all though, I like how, when I look at this photograph, I can vividly recall the personal and intimate experience of spending time in a favorite place.

15 thoughts on “The pick of the litter

  1. David, as always I always love the lighthouse but today I believe I must agree with you about the foreground. I really loved how you explained how you exposed your film to get the exposure you wanted. But I will tell you I still love you B & W pictures best. Kat

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Kat… normally I like the B and W too, but in this case I’m just a tiny bit more partial to the color version.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. I hoped that the long exposure would do what it did. A five minute exposure added a unique dimension to the scene.

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