Like glass…


12-30-13 oliver16We still haven’t managed to lose any of the recent accumulations of ice received during the holiday ice storm. Instead of warming up, the temperatures have taken a dive for the worse, and that means the landscape is still covered in a glaze of ice. At any other time of the year, this little tree isn’t something I would even think of photographing, but with a coating of glass, it glistens magnificently in whatever kind of light we have. Returning from a walk with Oliver, I was intrigued by the beautiful colors in the sunset sky and grabbed the quick photograph posted above. Several days apart, below is the same tree in very different light…

12-30-13 oliver18


20 thoughts on “Like glass…

    • David Patterson

      Agreed Dan… we’ve been mired in an especially cold snap for the last couple of weeks. As I write this the temperature is – 9 F with a wind chill of – 31 F. Methinks there isn’t going to be any ice melting today 🙂

  1. Years ago, when I lived in the local mountains here in So. Cali we had a rare ice storm come through…the next day the ice sounded like crystal wind chimes as it dropped from the needles of the pine trees onto the icy ground. I’ve never seen or heard that phenomen since. Thanks for a great memory this morning! 😀

    • David Patterson

      Funny… I now exactly what you’re referring to. Every now and then when the wind blows we almost get a musical event as ice clinks together as it falls.

  2. It is just one of those years, where every 3-4 days we get a storm and then it turns cold. Jut hope that we don’t get too many more ice storms, they make for pretty photos and such, but cause too much inconvenience i.e. loss of power, walk or should i say falling on ice and the other joys it has brought. Still you capture the beauty that it did bring to the mundane.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for the comment Harold, and yeah… living in Maine we kind of expect there to be snow, ice and cold in the winter, but it doesn’t make it any easier when we get a stretch like the one we’re currently enduring. Bring on the springtime!

  3. franzisofie

    Most things look better covered in ice. I’ve experienced that often with my sorrounding. Amazing photos! I hope temperatures are not too worse for you!

  4. I love your shots David and I know that it has to be really cold there while taking your shots to get the amazing pictures you take I hope your dressed for it. (of course you are you live in Maine) silly me. Have a wonderful weekend. Kat

    • David Patterson

      Looks like we’re gong to get a brief warm up at the start of the week… and then it will get cold again. It’s only the beginning of January and it is already getting old.

  5. Cool photo. I love the icy shimmer in all the branches. Reminds me of a strange scene (we have the old photo prints somewhere) when we lived in Indiana decades back. We had a fog roll in, followed by freezing temps. Ruth captured the fog frozen in amid the branches of a couple tall tulip poplars that we looked down on from our campus apartment in Bloomington.

    • David Patterson

      Rick… it’s neat when the weather creates strange sights, isn’t it? This icy wonderland was pretty cool when it first happened, but to be honest, now it’s getting old (and cold). I’m ready for some warmer weather!

  6. Jocelyne

    It is so true that light can make or break a photo. These are two beautiful photos but the first one is wonderful with the more subdued light and the beautiful colors in the sky. In the second one I like the shadows on the snow.

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