A foot of new snow…


12-30-13 oliver10

…so away we went to the local golf course. Oliver loves the snow, and he also loves being off leash. We recently spent a few days visiting Granny and Grandpa in Northampton, MA, and although I’m sure there are places we could have let him run, we aren’t too familiar with the area just yet, so it had been about a week since he ran free like this. A foot of fresh powder overnight meant some serious digging out this morning, but it also made for a perfect winter playground – and needless to say, Oliver made the best of his opportunity. I like to think he’s genuinely smiling in the photograph above, and even if he’s not, I KNOW he had himself a blast! Happy New Year!

12-30-13 oliver2

12-30-13 oliver312-30-13 oliver112-30-13 oliver4 12-30-13 oliver6 12-30-13 oliver812-30-13 oliver912-30-13 oliver7 12-30-13 oliver12

28 thoughts on “A foot of new snow…

  1. Tom

    I really have to say how much I enjoy these wonderful pictures. They are very well done. I have never taken such excellent photos as these. Of course, it helps to have such a handsome subject as “Ollie in winter”. A young fellow like Ollie bursting with health, energy, and vitality is a terrific subject.
    I’m a bit jealous of your walking area too. Even though I live in a semi-rural area we don’t have anything like your golf course to let our Golden girl run in.
    Yes, I’m sure Ollie is smiling in more then one of his pictures. How could he not?

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Tom. It felt good to let Oliver loose after a week on the leash at Granny and Grandpas. No big secret here… I use a longer lens (70-20mm) and I mostly set up so that Oliver is running straight toward me. On my Canon (not sure what the Nikon/other equivalent is), I switch to A1 Servo so that the camera does its best to track and focus on the moving Oliver. Even though he’s moving pretty fast, since he’s running toward me, there’s relatively little movement for the camera to deal with. I usually bump the iso up to at least 200, and that allows me to choose a large aperture to blur the background and that in turn also gives me a decently fast shutter speed to avoid camera shake. And yes… having such a handsome and photogenic model helps too 🙂

  2. Bill Franklin

    Hi David,
    Love all the shots, but number 2 has to be my favorite. It’s classic. By the way, all the snow looks beautiful, but I’m sure glad I’m here in Houston.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Bill. The light was certainly good. I’m no fan of the snow myself, but I guess it’s to be expected during a Maine winter!

    • David Patterson

      Christine… Oliver is indeed one happy boy, and he certainly lets the world know how he’s feeling. Our two cats on the other hand – Chester and Maggie – display their joy in a much more sedate manner.

  3. Bob and Jeanne

    As always, photos and narrative worthy of wider circulation. The NYT has recently lost a fellow who wrote about his farm occasionally, giving the reader a deeper appreciation of the out-of-doors. Your material is worthy of this level of exposure.

  4. Jocelyne

    Such a beautiful light in these photos David. Oh the beautiful Oliver ! He’s really having some fun and it really looks like he’s smiling !

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