2013-12-29 ice2

So, we had ourselves a little ice storm here in Maine. It’s amazing how much trouble a half an inch or so of ice can cause, and although this storm wasn’t on the same scale as the one in 1998, its impact was still felt pretty hard all across the region. The actual event of ice falling isn’t what creates all of the havoc, but rather it’s the ice accumulating on tree branches and then being frozen in place as a coating of glass. Tree limbs are heavily bowed – and in many cases broken – with the added weight, and if electrical wires happened to be in the vicinity, well there’s a good chance they came down too. We were some of the lucky ones. Other than a few intermittent outages, our power has stayed on. Many people were not as fortunate though, and I can’t imagine what kind of holiday they had. The cold temperatures have hung around for the past week, and without a noticeable warm up, the ice is still laying heavy on the landscape. We’re bracing ourselves for another 6-10 inches of snow this evening, with more ice, sleet and freezing rain mixed in for good measure. Although it makes for a winter-wonderland landscape, I’m about ready for some of those balmy mid-thirty degree, ice-melting temperatures. And yes… that’s a very happy dog in the last photograph – he’s exploring along the edge of the woods where all the good smells are šŸ™‚

2013-12-29 ice1 2013-12-29 ice3

4 thoughts on “Ice

  1. franzisofie

    But it’s an amazing landscape you have! And maybe we can change places because here in Germany there are 5 C over zero ( I don’t know how much Fahrenheit that is šŸ™‚ ). I wish we had snow because it looks so great. Of course it must be really hard with all the cold and I wish you luck with the next storm and a happy new year!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… the latest storm just dumped another foot of snow on us. Timing couldn’t have been worse, since the trusty snowblower decided it was done – oh well, I guess I’m off to buy an new one! Happy New Year!

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