Surviving the storm…


12-14-13 oliver1

You gotta love how the Weather Channel names every storm these days, even winter ones. It used to be if a storm was named – remember Hugo, Andrew, Katrina – that it needed to be of hurricane force strength, and if named, it was most likely going to be a big deal and wreak havoc. Somehow, giving these weather phenomena a name made them even more formidable… doing so made them not just any old storm, but now something to fear. Once named, we have to keep watching the latest news to see what’s in store for us, and in doing so, we feed the monster that is TV advertising. At best a clever entertainment ploy, but at worst, disingenuous reporting.

12-14-13 oliver3

Well… fast forward to Sunday morning and the latest named storm – Electra – has already scooted up the east coast and hit us here in Maine. She – I assume it’s a “she” – has dropped about 8 inches of snow in our area so far, though there might be another inch or two to come. Needless to say, Oliver is a very happy dog when romping in the deep snow – he’s already had his quality time outside this morning… and then there’ll be this afternoon’s big nap.

12-14-13 oliver5

The good news about this latest storm is that it brought only light and fluffy – the reason why the snow is light and fluffy… the intense cold temperatures we’ve been enduring these past couple of days. The cold (11 degrees F and -12 degrees C) isn’t going to stop our fur-coat wearing Oliver from getting in his daily walk, though on this occasion we kept it short, just in case.

12-14-13 oliver2

I always keep an eye on him to make sure he isn’t showing any signs of being bothered by the cold, and if there’s snow on the ground I regularly check between his toes to clear out any snowballs that might have accumulated. The cold weather genuinely doesn’t seem to bother Oliver – truth be told, it’s usually me who cries “uncle” first and has to head back home, especially if I’ve had the camera out with freezing, gloveless fingers needed to trip the shutter. Here are a couple more of him enjoying the calm before the latest storm… Electra!

12-14-13 oliver412-14-13 oliver7 12-14-13 oliver9 12-14-13 oliver11


8 thoughts on “Surviving the storm…

    • David Patterson

      Tom… Oliver absolutely loves the snow! These were made with the “real” camera – Canon 5D MK II with 70-200mm f4 lens attached.

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