Interrupting your regularly scheduled programming…



To bring you some pix of my favorite dog… Oliver.

For the first time this winter, it got seriously cold here in Maine this week. With a thin layer of snow blanketing the frozen ground, Oliver and I have been braving the “high” temperatures that have dipped as low as -3F degrees (that’s -19C for my friends to the north and across the pond), and despite the icy wind chill making it feel even colder, we had a blast exploring the local golf course. On this particular afternoon, the low angled winter light was absolutely spectacular, and as you can see, it did a number on my favorite Golden Retriever.





12 thoughts on “Interrupting your regularly scheduled programming…

  1. David, it seems you have made it to Oliver and your favorite spot to walk and for him to run around. A -3 degree F is really cold and it makes me glad that I’m here in Texas even though we had 3 to 4 inches of snow last week it wasn’t that cold with the wind chill about 14 degrees for only a couple of days and the snow lasted a little longer and so did the ice. Oliver sure looks like he was having a good time running around the golf course. You have a nice weekend and thanks for sharing Oliver and your life with us. Kat

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… I wonder how much it keeps him warm when the temperatures really drop? He doesn’t seem bothered at all, but just in case we don’t stay out too long.

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