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11-12-13 zion2

As I browse the Interwebz, I often see spectacular landscape photographs from Zion National Park. Unfortunately though, it’s a place I have yet to be able to spend any significant time in. I think it was maybe 6 years or so ago that I had the chance to literally drive through the park on my way to Salt Lake City for a conference. Needless to say, on this short visit I wasn’t able to explore the way I would have liked, and I also couldn’t do much about the so-so weather. Arriving midday, I can remember driving along the Virgin River into the canyon and being blown away by the sheer size (and beauty) of the rock walls surrounding me. Though the light on my visit wasn’t anything special, when you have time constraints like I did on this trip, you take what you get. I hopped on one of the easy trails and wandered for maybe an hour or so, making a few photographs along the way to remind me of a place I would like to return to someday. Warning: there are a couple of “icon” shots below – not in great light – but shots of icons nonetheless. California landscape photographer Ben Horne recently published his thoughts on shooting the icons and the lack of creativity required to make these photographs – worth a watch.

11-12-13 zion1

11-12-13 zion3

11-12-13 zion4

14 thoughts on “More twiddling…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks David. For some reason I don’t think I have tried converting any of these to black and white – what was I thinking? I’ll have to give it a try.

      P.S. I’ve been enjoying your recent awesome work from Zion!

  1. Great post today David.

    I watched the video link you posted and it rang so true to me… I am having a tough time, just in our small little state to find shots that no one else has, to be unique and not shooting the typical Portland Head, Baxter State Park, Otter Cliffs shots that we have all shot a thousand different ways…

    I would love to be able to hike and find new landscapes that no one else has done… I kind of did that when I went to the rock cliffs down in Cutler, while I understand that people have photographed that area before, I know at least they traveled off the beaten path for over an hour to get there…lol. Here is a shot I got while there…. it is something different that not everyone sees… . Honestly, I am most proud of this shot more than my other shots.

    Anyway, I am hoping the weather cooperates and gives us a nice backdrop for some photos soon.

    Chad Tracy

    • Thanks Chad. I totally hear you on the desire to find something new and personal to photograph. Absolutely love your photograph from Cutler… the “Bold Coast” is definitely one of those less-photographed yet beautiful places in Maine, and I’d say well worth another visit. It’s sometimes easy when in Acadia to gravitate toward the grand vistas – they’re everywhere after all – though it’s much harder to “see” smaller, perhaps more intimate scenes, or at least unique interpretations of more familiar ones. I love the challenge of making a landscape photograph that I like to believe is all mine… that’s one of the things that gets me up and out the door with the camera at early o’clock. Sunday morning… Acadia here I come… interested? (and this time I promise not to bail… even if the weather forecast calls for sub-freezing and 50mph).

  2. Bob and Jeanne

    Oh yes–Zion–we were there in July,1977. Lori will tell you. I remember the Virgin River especially. It was 90 degrees!! Your photos are wonderful as always. Must have been a different month.

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