It’s official…


11-18-13 oliver8

I’m officially “retired” from the landscape photography game… or at least it feels that way. It has been a long, long time since I raised my camera at a sunrise or sunset in earnest. Between work, family, Oliver and the recent soccer season… I’ve not even given my tripod a second look in months. In fact, the last “serious” photograph I made was way back in July when I visited the area just beyond the cliffs at Otter Point in Acadia National Park. The good news? I am determined to get back in the saddle and make a few runs down to Acadia before the end of the year in the name of landscape photography. In the meantime… you guessed it… here’s an impromptu photo shoot of Oliver relaxing after a long walk! Happy Thanksgiving.

11-18-13 oliver3

11-18-13 oliver4

11-18-13 oliver2

11-18-13 oliver7

11-18-13 oliver1

11-18-13 oliver6


8 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. As long as Oliver remains a willing model there will always be competition for landscape photography. Nice collection. Sometimes it is good to take a break to recharge and then nothing will keep you from the field. Happy Thanksgiving, David.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Steve. I’m enjoying your neck of the woods as I write this. I hear you on the taking a break part – I’m hoping to get back down to Acadia next week.

  2. David, Oliver is really a happy dog and you can tell even if you have never met him by you lovely photos…he is just so cute and he has really filled out his big feet and his body. LOL I’m looking forward to seeing more landscape photos soon but in the here and now I will enjoy Oliver.


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