Real world math…


11-16-13 beer1

So, at first I felt a little guilty about having my 9 year old help me brew and bottle my latest batch of home-made beer. A little voice way in the back of my head was questioning my parenting skills, worrying about the message I might be sending Jack, but that’s when I also realized that on the flip side of things there was a serious educational plus to the situation. As Jack and I struggled with the concept of siphoning – the method by which the liquid was transferred from the fermentation bucket to the bottling bucket – he was being exposed to some pretty serious real world math (and science). Understanding the impact of pressure, gravity, displacement, volume… all key math/science skills, right? This was definitely a two-person job, and as you can see, Jack’s assistance throughout the process was invaluable as we prepared this latest batch of liquid gold for bottling. Next up… we’ll brew ourselves some kid-friendly root beer!

11-16-13 beer6

11-16-13 beer4

11-16-13 beer3

11-16-13 beer2

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