Hey look… pix of Oliver :)


11-13-13 oliver1

11-13-13 oliver2

11-13-13 oliver3

11-13-13 oliver4


10 thoughts on “Hey look… pix of Oliver :)

  1. PM

    I recently stumbled upon your blog while browsing for photos of Maine and now I find myself checking in daily for the latest Oliver pics. (And I’m a cat person, for God’s sake!). Truly a beautiful boy living the life in a spectacular part of Maine.

  2. Oliver has grown up lovely.. such cute pictures. I love the golden shade of his coat. I have two blond retrievers.. who are now 19 months old… and up to mischief all the time.

    • David Patterson

      Oliver is 14 months and full of mischief too. He’s a stealer of all things left on a kitchen counter, and we now have the mailman leave the mail on the front porch instead of putting it through the slot. On more than one occasion, Jack has been able to use the phrase “The dog ate my homework”.

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