The rest of the kids…


11-21-13 maggie

I can see how the Oliver lovefest going on for the past year might lead one to believe that our other two kids are no longer with us, but just to prove that they are in fact still part of the family… here’s a little shout out to Maggie and Chester. Our best girl Maggie will turn 16 in February, and the baby boy Chester just turned two last May. Maggie and Barney (deceased) joined our family way back when Sam was in kindergarten, and Chester was a rescue from a couple of years back. These days both spend most of their time indoors and upstairs, and as the day winds down, they’ll both cuddle in with Jack as he reads before bed.

11-21-13 chester


6 thoughts on “The rest of the kids…

  1. Great looking babies David now you don’t have any more hiding in the closet do you? LOL Maggie looks just like my Soxs. I bet when she was younger she was just as curious as your Chester and my Soxs. You have a great day today and try to stay warm. Kat

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