Last Hurrah…


10-26-13 rugby1

Wasn’t it just last fall we were dropping Sam off at Bowdoin College for the first time and helping him settle into his freshman dorm room? Time sure does fly… just like that, and in what seems like the blink of an eye, he’s already almost halfway through his senior year. We have thoroughly enjoyed our weekend visits to Brunswick to see Sam and cheer his rugby team – they’ve come a long way as a team and a program over the past few years, with this fall season being one of the most successful in a long while. As a coach myself, I always appreciate seeing a group of young people coming together with a shared goal, so I was very proud to see Sam play an integral role in the evolution of the Bowdoin rugby program – both on the field and off.

10-26-13 rugby45

As the President of the club and a senior, he has provided strong leadership and organization off the field, and as a player he has consistently given his all. Sam knows that he can be proud of what he helped accomplish within this group, and that the recent foundation he and his classmates have built ensures that the rugby program at Bowdoin has a bright future. I’m glad that his last hurrah was with a group of guys that he has such a strong affinity with, and I’m glad that he got to experience what it feels like to be a part of a true team.

10-26-13 rugby50

10-26-13 rugby60

8 thoughts on “Last Hurrah…

  1. David, before long he will be home and you will be wanting him to find a job….kids grow up so fast….LOL But he looks all happy at the rugby game doesn’t he? Here’s wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving from me and mine. Have a good one now David and thank you again for sharing your wonderful family with the rest of us.

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