Staying close…


10-28-13 oliveratthebackdoor

So… Oliver loves his fenced-in back yard. Though the space isn’t that big – maybe 40 feet x 70 feet – it’s all his, and every chance he gets, he loves to be outside. While the weather is still warm enough, we can let him go outside and leave the door open – that way we can keep an eye on him and make sure he isn’t doing what he sometimes likes to do… and that’s dig. It takes him no more than about a minute of unsupervised play to get bored and then excavate a hole that’s maybe a foot deep, so we have to be pretty vigilant. Despite the threat of digging, the fresh air does him the world of good, and as it takes effect, he sometimes just slows down and chills on the back step. As is the norm, he usually wants to stay near and be sure that we’re not going to leave him… that’s when he positions himself so he’s neither in nor out… but staying close by. And here he is when the fresh air got to be too much for him and when he lost the battle with the wearies…

11-5-13 oliver


10 thoughts on “Staying close…

  1. David, Regardless of size of yard, Oliver and Carson have several things in common (besides the obvious). They both enjoy being outside, They both dig, much to our chagrin. They are very photogenic and have become our favorite subjects to shoot. As with Carson, I love seeing Oliver. I have been toying with posting some shots of Carson for quite some time so take it as a compliment when I do. Nice photos, too. I like the Black & White affect.

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