Fall foliage finally…


10-17-13 Foliage2

I really haven’t had much time to get out with the camera to enjoy the traditional leaf-peeping season here in Maine. From what I could tell, it seemed as though the colors were pretty nice this year. Lots of bright yellows and deep reds to be found in all of the usual places, and when you get a nice scene backlit by some late morning sun, it can be quite the kaleidoscope. Above is another quiet side of the road scene that caught my eye… and then some random local scenes from these past few weeks. Like I said… finally, some fall foliage!

11-1-13 ff1

11-1-13 ff2

11-1-13 ff4

11-1-13 ff6

11-1-13 ff7

11-1-13 ff8

11-1-13 ff9

14 thoughts on “Fall foliage finally…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Michael… it’s a season I enjoy too, even though it leads into winter… what I consider to be my least favorite time of year.

  1. Hi David I love you shots today it reminds me that there is another world out there besides Texas and this time of year Maine is beautiful. My favorite 2 are 2nd from the top and the 5th from the top. But I like them all thank you for sharing. Kat

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