Goblins and Ghoulies…


10-22-13 haloween3

Halloween is right around the corner, and in our house that’s a big deal. When Sam was little he really got into Halloween, dressing up not only himself, but also the entire house. Now that Sam’s off at college, his little brother Jack has assumed that role, and boy does he do it with gusto. Skulls seem to be central to the theme this year, though there are lots of gravestones, cobwebs and spooky colored eyes too. Jack still isn’t sure what he’s going to dress up as for trick or treating, but whatever he settles on, I’m sure it will be good! Happy Halloween!

10-22-13 haloween1

2 thoughts on “Goblins and Ghoulies…

  1. Bob and jeanne

    As always, Dave, we love to receive all your photos, but a boy and his dog photos rate highest. You can easily imagine “why?”

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