A Boy and his Dog


10-20-13 gc1

Jack doesn’t always come with us when we go for a walk with Oliver, but when he does, he usually has a blast. In fact, the two of them usually have a grand time chasing each other all over the place! It’s as if Oliver knows that Jack is a kid, and that as such, he’s supposed to play with him! Jack doesn’t need a lot of encouragement to join in the fun.

10-20-13 gc2

10-20-13 gc17

10-20-13 gc18

10-20-13 gc20

17 thoughts on “A Boy and his Dog

  1. David, These pictures of Jack and Oliver are great looks like they both are having so much fun. Oliver is lucky to have Jack come out and play they help each other run that extra energy off of each other…..I remember what fun it was to have Lady she was a full blooded German Sheppard. Boy did we have loads of fun. Great shots!!!!!

  2. lilybug1960

    These may be my all time favorites of Oliver. You can see the pure look of joy on both of their faces! I can’t pick a favorite of the bunch!

  3. Tom

    I think as the years roll by Jack will look back on these mornings, with his Dad all to himself, and Ollie to run with as some of the best mornings of his life. Not a bad gift from father to son.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Tom. It’s already fun to look back on the time we spend together, but I can only imagine how cool it will be in 5, 10, or 20 years.

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