Heeeeeeere’s Oliver!


10-20-13 gc13

For all you Oliver lovers out there… you know who you are! Here are a few quick pics of my boy enjoying a late fall family walk. He’s such a good boy, and isn’t he handsome? He’ll charge around in the long grass like a crazy dog, and when we pull the tennis ball out for a game of fetch… well, he’s all in. He’s a solid 75 lbs now, and since he’s quite stocky, sometimes in these photographs he looks a bit chubby – though he’s not really. Lots of fur he has. Our baby boy… enjoy!

10-20-13 gc5

10-20-13 gc8

10-20-13 gc9

10-20-13 gc10

10-20-13 gc12

10-20-13 gc4

10-20-13 gc6

10-20-13 gc7

10-20-13 gc11

10-20-13 gc19

24 thoughts on “Heeeeeeere’s Oliver!

  1. Andrew Thomas

    HI David, I always enjoy your Oliver posts (and even the occasional landscape post, too!). Some great light in this series….did you get out the “real” camera for this set?!
    cheers Andrew
    PS can you believe its been a year since we visited?

    • David Patterson

      Andrew… you must be itching to travel again already! These were definitely made with the “real” camera – Canon 5D II and 70-200mm f4 combo.

    • David Patterson

      Michael… Oliver is a GREAT play dog. He is incredibly social, wanting to play with everyone. I hate to see him open up and get all excited with his tail-wagging welcoming antics, only to find that a dog he greets is cranky. He doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t want to play with him.

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