It’s been a while…


10-17-13 Forest3

…since I’ve made one of these types of photographs. From a recent hike in the Bangor Forest, these images were made by moving the camera up or down and through the scene while keeping the shutter open for half a second. I loved the earthy tones of the scene above, and although it appeared to be nothing special in person, I enjoy how it came out when using this technique. Here are a couple more made using the same technique… the first showcases the carpet of red leaves decorating on the floor, and the second emphasizes the dappled light that was bouncing around within a small copse of trees.

10-17-13 Forest1

10-17-13 Forest2

19 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. I’ve often admired these sort of shots but, for some reason, never think to try them in the field. These are some pretty nice pan abstracts, David. Want to bet I forget to try this next time I’m out? 🙂

    • David Patterson

      The nice thing about these is that you don’t need an especially pretty scene to make them work. Just some elements that lend themselves to showcasing lines, color and light. Some of my favorites were made in the front yard with flowers. Try it!

    • David Patterson

      Slow and smooth as you move the camera. Half a second for the shutter speed is usually about right (for me), and it helps if you choose scenes with natural lines (sic as trees) that you can follow when moving the camera.

    • David Patterson

      The effect has a lot to do with how fast you move the camera and for how long. Fun part is experimenting. As long as you’re not using film… that part’s free!

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