Fall in the forest…


10-17-13 Forest5

It had been a while since we last visited the Bangor Forest, so just recently we scratched an itch to return there, and boy are we glad we did. The fall foliage colors, though just slightly past their peak, were still pretty amazing, and the peace and tranquility we found along the trail made this an awesome family hike. Oliver was invited, and as usual, he was a champ as we eagerly explored our wooded surroundings. Staying on the outskirts of the forest – we hopped onto the West Loop Trail – meant that we saw very few people, so even though we were relatively close to the bustling mall area of town, the solitude experienced made it feel as if we were deep in the woods on an adventure. There were pockets of fall color still to be found, and although I brought the camera with me, I was quite content to keep it slung over my shoulder most of the time while I enjoyed the company of my peeps. Here are a couple more from our fall walk in the forest…

10-17-13 Forest6

10-17-13 Forest4

10 thoughts on “Fall in the forest…

  1. You say you kept your camera slung over your shoulder — but that second shot, the family photo — is such a treasure! How talented you are to capture such a beautiful moment when you hadn’t even planned to.

  2. Nature and dogs bring out some special feelings in all our walks. There is a special magical moment the hangs in the air filling all with love and kindness. Thank you for sharing this moment with us all. It brought back many fond memories of my own!!!

    • David Patterson

      You are very wlcome. We love spending time together, and sharing a walk in the forest with Oliver is a great way to do that.

  3. Hi David, just stopping by to tell you I love the family shot with Oliver and everyone else looking so happy. For someone who had the camera with them and wasn’t going to take pictures the family pic turned out like it was a planned one. Hope all of you are ready for the holidays. Have a good week my friend and thanks for sharing your talent and your wonderful pictures with us. Kat

    • David Patterson

      Yes it can! This year the “real” color seems to have waited until the end. I’m seeing some really nice pockets of cold hanging around while most of the leaves begin to drop.

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