A chip off the old block…


10-11-13 jack soccer

I played a lot of soccer when I was younger, and for a little while I even made a living playing it. I’ve been involved in the game all my life, though at my age now, all I can really do is coach. Currently I coach the local high school boys team, and although resigned to the sidelines, every now and then when I’m feeling adventurous I jump out onto the field and show those young’uns what it’s all about! Jack loves all sports, and as parents we have always wanted him to explore a variety of interests, so we haven’t pushed him hard in any one direction. He’s 9 years old now though, and since it’s fall, that means another parks and rec soccer season. Jack has been asking about playing a higher level of soccer… more than parks and rec (which is a great program for kids). Lori and I told him that we’d do parks and rec one more time this fall, and if at the end of the season he has any interest in getting more serious about soccer, then we’d jump “all in” and support that path. I’d love to coach him and help grow that obvious love of the game that he already has… here he is… a chip off the old block.


4 thoughts on “A chip off the old block…

  1. What a great time of the year for sports. Your little guy looks so happy out there! And it sounds like your family has a perfect plan to support his interests. My kids love soccer, too. We usually play outdoors, just for the 9 weeks or so the season lasts, but as it’s getting to be winter, I found some U7 teams that practice indoors, so they can play all winter through! Then in spring, they’ll move back outside. Such a great sport.

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… where we are here in Maine the winter comes around pretty fast and it seems to last forever. If Jack is interested in playing more seriously, we’ll have to get involved with some indoor practice – at least it’s sort of warm indoors 🙂

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