A pic and a crop


10-6-13 oliver2

Here’s a photograph of Oliver doing his thing… he has become more and more comfortable hopping up onto the sofa and chilling. He won’t usually stay up there for long – he’s more of a cool, wood floor kind of guy – but he does seem to enjoy the comfort while he’s up there. Another iPhone camera photograph, and one that I experimented with as my wallpaper background on the phone. As I was “moving and scaling” it, I stumbled on the second “crop” with a tighter view of the same photograph. As much as we try to compose a photograph through the viewfinder and get it “right” in camera, my guess is that there are often lots of photographs within photographs… and that’s why there’s a crop tool . And then a bonus 🙂

10-6-13 oliver1

10-6-13 oliver3


14 thoughts on “A pic and a crop

    • David Patterson

      I used my “real” camera for that last one. Used a 50mm lens with an aperture of somewhere around f1.8 – f2.0, so the blur is from the shallow depth of field created by the large aperture selected.

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