First frost


10-9-13 walk1

Though our morning walks have been quite chilly of late, today was the first day that we had an actual frost on the ground. It was still pretty dark at 5:40 am when we started our daily walk, but as the light crept up and over the distant horizon, a delicate and crisp carpet of frosting on the grass was slowly revealed. To date, the fall foliage colors around here have been progressing at a fairly leisurely pace, though my guess is that this morning’s frost will accelerate that process. As Oliver and I wandered up and down a few golf holes, I was drawn to some of the already downed leaves and how their warm, autumn colors contrasted with the cold, icy ground. Happy leaf-peeping to you all…

10-9-13 walk2

2 thoughts on “First frost

  1. David, that first picture really tells a story! What a perfect shot. I can sense the quiet surroundings (or imagine them to be so) — the lone leaf, edged in a border of frost, the hints of red in the grasses beyond — what a lovely shot!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… it is incredibly quiet during our early morning walks, and the frosty mornings (which melt away this time of year) are pretty cool to see.

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