Why am I blogging?


9-27-13 sunrise4

I’ve been asking myself that question lately? This isn’t a reveal-type post about the benefits of blogging – it’s just me saying out loud (or at least in writing) something I’ve been contemplating recently. While I firmly believe that it’s always good to reflect and wonder why we do anything… I also don’t have an answer to my own question this time. It’s kind of ironic that I don’t have the mojo to create a blog post about why I don’t have the mojo to write a blog post, eh?

9-27-13 sunrise1

As I work through this… here are a few iPhone pix from this morning’s walk with Oliver. As we approached the still darkened fairways of the golf course, the pre-dawn light looked primed to put on a show. I’ve learned to recognize the potential those slits in the clouds near the horizon offer at this time of day, but I’ve also learned that more often than not, that epic sunrise I’m anticipating usually doesn’t materialize. This time however, it did not disappoint. As the 6:25 a.m. sunrise streaked across and under a thin layer of high clouds, it lit up the sky spectacularly as if it were on fire. Oliver literally stopped in his tracks and turned to admire the view… as did I.

9-27-13 sunrise2

So… getting back to the original question of why am I blogging? Like I said earlier, it’s good to reflect and question why we do certain things. It helps clarify purpose, and it helps keep things moving from a creative perspective. Maybe it’s just been a long week? I’m already thinking about why I’m writing about what I’m writing in this very post… I don’t want to do that right now… so I’m going to step away for a few days and do some more thinking about that one, and we’ll see if I can’t come up with a few reasons to continue this bloggy thing.

9-27-13 sunrise3

47 thoughts on “Why am I blogging?

  1. David,
    I have often thought of posting a blog about why I blog, and why others do so, as well. So, I find this post intriguing and see myself in your self-examination. I have come up with a list of possibilities as to the why: motive seems to be the most critical issue. Do I want to be recognized? Lauded? Considered qualified by my peers? Do I simply want to bless others by sharing what I experience and think (assumes I bless rather than the opposite)? Am I attempting to stroke my ego and bolster my self-esteem? Or, do I simply have the need to express myself in ways that satisfies me while inspiring others? Perhaps the answer is a little of all these possibilities. I look forward to your self-realization should you choose to share it later on. The photographs of this morning’s sunrise are wonderful. Coinciidentally, i shot a few myself this morning…what a way to start a day!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Michael… glad you got to shoot this morning, and I hope that your sunrise was as good as mine. I appreciate you taking the time to list some of the possibilities for yourself… and just as you saw yourself in my brief expression of self-examination, I too see myself in many of your ideas as well.

      • I was compelled to come back to your post to view your response and to see what others have commented. You struck a chord with your question. There is something important I left out in my list of possibilities which was by no means all-inclusive. Community and the connectedness I feel when I converse with others I admire or whose work inspires me. This, I realize, is very important because we humans are social creatures and need each other. I am not a social media person (no Facebook or Twitter), yet I have my need for community satisfied via blogging and following blogs. A wonderful fact which I have discovered is that almost all the folks I communicate with through posts are genuine. I value authenticity very much. Also, I enjoy and benefit from what others have expressed, and find their insights to your musing refreshing.

        • David Patterson

          Thanks Michael… I don’t do FB either, and perhaps you are right when you note that blogging satisfies a need for connectedness.

  2. Since you helped introduce me to Social Media maybe I can answer that or least my answer to that. Blogging is a part of our legacy to our families (believe it or not our children are growing up and they can see a glimpse of who we were and what we thought about). For us and allows us to go back and have visual/print reminder of things we did. Blogging to me is a web log or a journal of the parts of our lives that we choose to share with others.

    It allows me to think about things and when I know I am writing something, that I have to be able to defend what I am writing to myself and others, because I know it will be seen by more than just myself.

    For far too long, I treated blogging as much more than that, it became a small business and with it all the associated pressures. Since I have gone back to what I think of as the roots of blogging, I feel a lot better about it.

    I don’t believe that have my blog be for me is self-centered, self-serving, arrogant or all those other things I have heard others say about blogging. I just like the idea of having someplace that if I choose to I can share a piece of my life or what I am thinking about today. I have learned a lot from blogging and I believe that being able to reflect and defend what I write has made me a better person.

    So these are a few of the reasons that I believe blogging is important to the person doing the blogging. Does it mean that every day we will write the great American Novel? Hell No, but we do add to the story of our lives and sometimes going back and looking at those old posts is like a journey through time and can make me smile or remember the emotions I was feeling of the moment, much more vividly than just relying on my poor memory.

    Call me a selfish blogger, but I blog mainly for me and I think that is good enough reason to keep blogging.

    Good luck David and I hope you keep blogging, even though I do not comment very often I enjoy the photos and the stories you do tell.

    People are reading and listening.

    • David Patterson

      Harold… thanks so much for taking the time to articulate much of what I have been thinking! I too do this primarily for me… it started as a way to share what’s going on in our lives with friends and family who we don’t get to see enough of. Now that there’s a history, I find myself clicking on an older post and then following the “next” buttons either forward or backward. I can get lost for ages while reading about what we were doing maybe a year ago, and the photographs of Jack (or Oliver) from when they were babies make me smile. Your support is much appreciated.

  3. keoni rabaino

    Great question!! They say writing things down clears the mind of holding thought. This is from a psychologist point of view that my professor once preached. By releasing the thoughts to writing it will create a peace of mind. She suggested keeping a pad and pen in your relaxing spots and when you think of something just write it down and it will cause relaxation and a sense of focus.

    • David Patterson

      Keoni… thanks for the comment. I totally get what you’re saying about the release/experience of writing about your thoughts. It can be quite cathartic.

  4. I usually ask myself that question and the answer usually means I need to take a break from writing and blogging and just get out to adventure, experience and live a bit. Certainly makes for some good posts! Happy Weekend:)

  5. Sonya

    While the act of sharing can be extremely gratifying, it can also be really exhausting. Especially when it comes to sharing things as personal as your art, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. That’s what we’re doing every time we blog, and it’s good to take a break once in awhile. I hope you enjoy a nice respite.

  6. Bob and jeanne

    I always found writing very tiring. Creativity takes energy. Jeanne and I would miss your photos and stories, being so far away. Next best thing to being with you guys. Keep blogging.
    Bob and Jeanne

  7. Is that sky for real?! It is gorgeous…. I think it is normal and beneficial for the creative process if you occasionally revisit the reasons why you engage in activities – especially something like blogging that can be a very time consuming and tiring endeavor (at least it is for me). I hope your break gives you clarity and renews your enthusiasm. I, for one, would really miss your photos.


  8. I understand that it can become overwhelming…has become overwhelming…so I’ve stepped back a little bit myself, but it still takes days to respond to comments, etc. I’ve found the joy of reading a book for myself again…but still keep coming back here to see what’s going on…to participate a little bit in the community.

    Speaking personally here, I have learned from your work, David…from examining your images and tucking them away in my noggin. If you don’t come back, do know that you’ll be missed….and thank you, truly, for the inspiration that you’ve already shared with us. I hope you’ll be back, though. 🙂

  9. I’m not sure why I do it either, but I feel that somehow it’s a good “practice”. I think it motivates me to be a bit more active in my photography and to think about it more than I might otherwise. And I agree with all the other commenters. Hope you keep on blogging, David, I enjoy the views from Acadia. But keep it fun for yourself. Happy birthday to Oliver!

  10. There’s a poem by Mary Oliver that I love.
    Instructions for living a life;
    Pay attention.
    Be astonished.
    Tell about it.

    I would say that this is what the best blogs, and the best bloggers, do. It’s what you do, in words and pictures. It’s what I try to do, and why I can’t give it up!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. I totally get the advice to “Pay Attention” – that’s what I live by, and one of the most important suggestions I would give anyone 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for sharing your adventures in Acadia. I always enjoy reading about people’s experiences when visiting my favorite national park.

  11. It’s a good question to ask, Isn’t it? I’d tell you my myriad of reasons but I’m hoping you’ll share yours.
    From this reader’s point of view you make outstanding and inspiring work – no one makes the same pictures you do, the same way you make them. And there are infinite possibilities.
    Would it be cheesy to include this quote?
    “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
    ― Pablo Picasso

  12. I blog partly to engage with people from a business perspective but I actually find it really cathartic. It’s such a nice way to summarise whats been going on and reflect on things achieved or things that could be done better. I find it helps me make decisions because by actually taking the time to think through my thoughts and write them down I find I understand myself better. If I were you I would just use the fact that Oliver is SO gorgeous it would be criminal not to blog about him!

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