Birthday Boy


9-24-13 oliver1

One year ago today, this kind and gentle little soul was born. At that point, we hadn’t even thought about bringing a dog into our lives, but that all changed as November rolled around and as a family we started talking about what it would be like to have a dog. We weighed the pros and cons, and we discussed the impact that caring for another animal would have on what we do – and once the decision was made, things moved fast. Within a week of deciding it would be a good idea, we found and fell in love with Oliver, and as they say… the rest is history. Just as we remark about how fast our “real” kids grow up, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by with Oliver – it really does seems like yesterday that we were driving to Jay, Maine to meet him for the first time and bring him home. Little did we know how much our lives would change, and I don’t think any of us were prepared for how much joy and happiness this little guy would bring to our family. Happy birthday Oliver!

21 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Happy Birthday Oliver you are one year old and in that year you have grown into your feet and body. You fell in love with your master and his family and now you will have a place in their heart forever. May you have lots more birthdays to come and may you share them all with all of us.

  2. Tom

    Happy birthday to Oliver and best wishes for many more. We got our Golden girl when she was about 3 years old and so missed all the puppy fun. Lucky you.

  3. Andrew Thomas

    Congratulations David (and Oliver!) We’ve enjoyed the journey and look forward to his further adventures
    cheers Andrew and Debbie

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