There’s nothing worse than wet feet…


9-16-13 boots2

… so I decided to splurge and get myself a decent pair of walking shoes. Though somewhat uncomfortable on a summer morning, wet feet from walking on a dew-soaked golf course are still kind of manageable, but when the temperatures start to drop as it has done lately, and when the golf course gets a drenching like it did last week, things get way beyond uncomfortable. Avoiding the experience is not an option – my boy just loves to visit the course where he gets to run free and off the leash – so I knew I needed a good pair of boots to make those pre-dawn walks more enjoyable.

9-16-13 boots1

I’m not endorsing anything in this blog post… this is just my experience. I searched high and low locally for a pair of shoes that would be a) comfortable, b) waterproof, and c) easy-on/off. I already have a pair of heavier boots that I use in the winter snow, but they aren’t as flexible in more normal conditions, and that translates into less comfort. This time I was looking for something more supple, and something I could use year round when hiking or exploring locations for landscape photography. After trying on quite a few different brands and models, I finally settled on the Chameleon 5 Mid Ventilator WTPF by Merrell.

9-16-13 boots3

As I said… I’m not mentioning these shoes for any other reason than the fact that I like them and they are incredibly comfortable. The semi high-cut heel provides stable, but comfortable support, the mechanism for tightening the laces across the front of the foot creates a really snug fit, and they are just downright easy on the feet in both wet and dry conditions. The sole is sturdy yet pliable and light, and most importantly, as advertised, they are 100% waterproof. No excuses… I’m up and walking on the wet golf course with Oliver every morning, and boy does it feel good to have dry feet!

9-16-13 boots4


2 thoughts on “There’s nothing worse than wet feet…

  1. I’d never interrupt a man and his Golden Retriever on their morning walks, but I’d have a hard time not asking for the pleasure were we neighbors. It sounds terrific. A good pair of dry shoes makes it all the better!

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