What I do in my spare time…


9-13-13 oliver1

Lay on the kitchen floor and take photographs of a sleepy Oliver of course! The air conditioner squeezed into the kitchen window has seen way more use this summer than in past years. Pre-Oliver, we would probably have turned it on maybe 3 or 4 times throughout the entire summer – and only when the mercury climbed upwards of 90 degrees – but this season it has been churning out the cool air pretty constantly. After all, we’ve gotta keep this fur-coat-wearing-handsome-boy cool, right? He loves to sprawl out on the chilled wooden floor, and while he’s enjoying an air-conditioned snooze, I can’t help but use my iPhone camera to snap a few pics…

9-13-13 oliver2

9-13-13 oliver3

9-13-13 oliver4


14 thoughts on “What I do in my spare time…

  1. We did the same thing, we kept the house cool all summer for Duke Dog. His fur is black, so he gets even hotter and very “panty.” I just have to say again how much your postings always cheer me up. I can’t get enough of Oliver! Also, that “Cairn’s Point of View” was wonderful. My husband “knew” the cairn! I love the Acadia postings, too, but am sometimes a bit disappointed when there’s no Oliver. Just saying . . . .

    • David Patterson

      Why yes he is… until I just discovered him digging a big hole in the back yard! My fault… thought he was snoozing on the back step like he usually does.

  2. Tom

    Ahh, the sleep of the innocent. As a confirmed android user I still have to say the IPhone takes better pictures then any android phone I’ve used.

    • David Patterson

      Tom… the camera phone has become my go-to camera – other than when I go out “seriously” to do some landscape photography. I haven’t tried any other phone camera than my iPhone, but then again, I largely chose this phone because of the camera.

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