Acadia cairns


9-7-13 acadia9

If you’ve ever hiked in Acadia, you’ll probably have noticed the many small rock cairns created to help guide you along the trail. A blaze of blue paint will also keep you moving in the right direction, but if that gets too difficult to follow and you get a little wayward, you’ll see one of these little structures designed to keep you on the path. Acadia trails are a masterful, and often subtle, example of how to blend human interaction with the natural environment. Despite the high number of yearly visitors, many of the trails in this little national park appear to be withstanding the wear and tear admirably, and they appear almost as if they are “meant” to be there. Kudos to the National Park Service and the Friends of Acadia for all of the trailwork they do to make this such an amazing place to hike.

7 thoughts on “Acadia cairns

  1. I love finding cairns in our Wasatch Mountains on the less-traveled trails…there’s a comfort in seeing them…a reminder that, even when we’re alone, there have been like-minded folks there before us.

    • David Patterson

      Scott… I can imagine how remote some of the places you go are, and the cairns would indeed seem like a welcome sight. Here in Acadia, we’re never too far from civilization, but they’re still pretty cool (and useful).

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