The wind in your hair (fur?)


9-7-13 acadia7

Does Oliver have hair or fur? I’m never sure which it is. Either way, he’s a cutie, and when walking on the South Ridge of Cadillac over the weekend, he would often pause to enjoy the blustery conditions. The gently sloping granite ridge is a perfect trail for him, and the view isn’t too bad for us either. The heat from the summer is gone for another year, and as we transition into the cooler temperatures of the fall, our hairy/furry friend seems a lot more comfortable. Here he is getting a big hug from my Lori… Oliver doesn’t seem to mind getting hugs 🙂

9-7-13 acadia 11


15 thoughts on “The wind in your hair (fur?)

    • David Patterson

      Aha… so it’s fur then? Thanks David… as someone who has two beauties of your own at home, I’ll take your word for it 🙂

  1. David, looks like a great place to stop and take in the view or in Oliver wake to get his fur out of his face….or just have a stop so you the Master can catch up with him. Nice pic….maybe next time he can take one of you for a change…LOL Kat

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